Can’t love enough

I ran across a quote today that stuck with me for several reasons:

“You can only help a person so much. I could not love her enough for the both of us.”

So many ways this applies- to people I’ve loved, and at times, to me. It’s destructive to both you and the people around you if you aren’t capable of loving yourself. Love yourself, take care of yourself, be good to yourself. Self-sacrifice is only good to a point. Sacrificing yourself, your own needs, could eventually mean that you have self-destructed. And then what good are you to anyone? Love yourself.

I could get easily get into a whole “Love Yourself because Jesus” thing but this concludes my deep thoughts for the day.

(And, since I’m an English teacher, I feel the need to cite my source. This is from a brand-spanking-new podcast I listen to called Mystery Show, which, as reported by the host of the show, was something Britney Spears sidekick said in her blog about Britney’s time of self-destruction. Don’t let the fact that this is about Britney Spears take away from my deep, deep insight above.)


Little Garden

I have a little garden on my table on my patio. Starting with the small greenĀ pot, it is basil, spearmint, hot & spicy oregano, cilatro, and kale. So far I’ve used the spearmint to flavor water, the cilantro for taco salad and pico de gallo, and used the basil to freshen up some spaghetti sauce. I’m not sure what I’ll use the oregano for- it has a little bit of a Mexican smell to it instead of Italian. I’ve never grown kale before, but I read that if you keep taking the leaves from the outside, smaller leaves grow inside. We’ll see how long these last. So far our weather has kept everything alive- I’ve done VERY little.


21 Days…

I created another blog which I will use solely for posting about health, wellness, fitness, etc. It’s VERY close to this one:

I will continue to post “real life” stuff here.

In other news- school is out. We have teacher meetings this week, and I start a job on June 2nd that lasts until the 17th to give me a little supplemental income. Exciting things are happening!

Here’s a few pics from this weekend at the hospital while visiting Cara. They have a little rooftop garden in the children’s hospital section.



I’ve been struggling with organization throughout the school year for a few reasons. The main reason is that we did home visits at the beginning of the year, and that ate up about 30 hours of time that I would have otherwise used to get my classroom set up. Throughout the year, piles would appear, junk accumulated, and frustration abounded. So, I was determined to get the teacher space in my classroom organized over Christmas break.

I didn’t want to spend all day every day at school during what I had left of my break, but it did take me probably about 18 hours all together to get things set up how I wanted them. I purchased two ten-drawer carts from Sam’s Club with the help of my sister’s membership. I also got a cubby-type shelf from IKEA and a few binsĀ to put in them. These purchases were made possible by a very generous friend who has been sending money to use for my classroom. I couldn’t have done any of this without his financial assistance.

On the drawers for one of the carts, I put labels for the days of the week and some other common things that I use each week. On the other cart, I put a label for each subject. The drawers are meant for papers for that day or that subject. On the IKEA shelf I put stuff like my teacher’s manuals and support materials, magazine files to hold things that I use occasionally, and a three-drawer file to put papers that need to be filed. In the bins are my extra nametags, etc., plastic bags, and prizes for the students,

Underneath my desk, which is really an old computer table, I have cubbies that hold different colors of paper, teacher guides and materials I don’t use much, my stash of paper plates, utensils, and napkins along with a few treats, a printer, and other supplies. I put fabric around the front of my desk to hide that there is stuff stored underneath it. I also have a three-drawer cabinet that holds file folders in the bottom drawer and has two smaller drawers above that.

I’m feeling pretty good about my organization. I know that the key to this is going to be to maintain it and not let those piles appear, but I loved seeing the top of my desk so nice and clean that it will be my goal to leave it like that every evening.

These are the before, during, and after pics of my teacher space.






And, yes…Rocky helped.


I’m not going to make a list of New Years Resolutions here about how much or how often I will write on my blog, or exercise, or go out to eat, or drink coffee, or… you get the point.

What I will say is this. When I look back at 2014, my main “accomplishment” if you can call it that, is getting out of a relationship that was pretty bad for me and taking my emotional well-being back into my own hands. I’m not knocking myself down or saying that 2014 was terrible, but I didn’t move forward very much personally or professionally.

So… here’s to not staying stagnant in 2015.

Six Months

Yeah, it’s been six months since I’ve posted, and I’m only posting now because I’m so desperately trying to procrastinate on grading papers, So just FYI… I’m single again. But you probably already know that. In happier news, I still have my wonderfully naughty puppy. So expect to be inundated with pictures of him. So, let’s start here. Caption this. (Let’s be honest, you’ve probably already seen the pic on facebook.)